Jeremy Carbaugh

I'm a developer from Gaithersburg, MD and Chief Technology Officer at ISL. You can find much of my work on GitHub or see below for some of my favorite projects I've worked on.

Service Year

Service Year connects young people looking for service opportunities with organizations that are making a difference in the world. ISL has worked with Service Year on product development from the beginning – UX, design, system architecture, Django web app, and operations.


Discover the world around you using a variety of public data sources. Presents infographic-style graphics about your immediate surroundings including data from the US Census Bureau, Dark Sky, Foursquare and others. Django and Objective-C. A collaboration with IDEO.

Congress for iOS

Congress for iOS helps users connect with Capitol Hill. Keep track of legislators and the actions of Congress. Follow bills and legislators to receive push notifications when related events occur. Call your representatives in Washington or send them an email with the OpenCongress integration.

Python Community

As an active member of the Python community, I've attended several PyCons, published numerous packages to the Python Package Index, sprinted on Django, and hosted the django-district meetup. I'm even giving a talk at Django's 10th birthday party in Lawrence, KS!

Roku for Python

Forget remotes. Control your Roku with Python. Implements all of Roku's External Control Protocol, including device discovery using DIAL. The robust CLI allows you to easily automate commands with bash or any other scripting language.

Helping Pets Behave

I created the web site and several business systems for the world's greatest animal behaviorist. Developed payment processing using Stripe, automatic accounting with FreshBooks, class registration, and a custom CRM.


Operant chamber control software used in behavior experiments with pigeons and primates at American University and the National Institutes of Health. The animals interacted via a touch screen and food rewards were dispensed according to the experimental procedures. Developed in Java.


Work at Sunlight Foundation ground to a halt when we encounted blocking issues with our CRM vendor. I began a covert project to build us a new CRM, relying on MailChimp and Stripe as core parts of the system. Overlook is now in production at Sunlight.


WordPress has fantastic authoring tools, but integrating it into an existing Django site is a pain. I created django-wordpress to map Django models to the WordPress database and mirror the default views. This is the core of the CMS powering Sunight Foundation.